What Really Is The Fuss About Tarot Mood?

The Coronavirus has gotten us all down. Everyone is stuck in their homes and they are told not to go anywhere other than taking a walk outside (or grocery shopping). It is a scary reality, and this is why this is the best time to get your mind off of the difficult stuff that is going on. And the real way to get through such a frightening and restrictive time is by indulging in humor. 

This is why you are seeing plenty of memes being circulated about the COVID-19 virus because you just have to laugh. What good will crying do for you? And there is another amazing thing that will help you get through these hard times. That is the Tarot Mood

What Is The Tarot Mood? 

Tarot Mood is an off-the-wall and hilarious tarot deck for those who actually have a sense of humor. Others may just find it downright offensive (and hey it is and that is what makes it so awesome). This deck is not really appropriate for those who are under 18 years of age. But kids will likely find a way to get their hands on it because they would appreciate the humor, that is for sure. Who can blame them really? The purpose of this deck was to throw a wrench into the woo-woo stuff that is out there and I am personally happy to see that this deck was created for this reason as well. 

Tarot Mood

All 78 cards are based on Rider-Waite-Smith but are replaced with the funniest stuff that represents each card. Here are some examples of the cards that are part of Tarot Mood:

high Priestess

This is the High Priestess you want to have in your life. She is firstly high, and secondly, she is so blunt to the point that you won’t need to question anything anymore. 

7 of cups

Ah, the 7 of Cups. Decisions, decisions. And there are just too many choices. Which one is the best one to make? Well, this card speaks for you because it knows what you are thinking. It is time to narrow that down, right? 

9 of swords

Ah, the 9 of Swords. This is the card that describes everyone’s minds right now. Who can blame them? Because what is going on is a true nightmare and this is exactly why you need to get Tarot Mood! This card will reverse the heck out of it and will help you quit worrying. But, aside from that, if you left the oven on as it is shown on this card that you are worried about, why not go right into the kitchen and find out for yourself?

It is not like you can’t do that! We all are trapped in our homes, remember?? And if you are not smelling smoke, then chances are it is fine. But the last thing you want to do is forget about the oven! You kinda need your house right now, more than ever. 

4 of swords

Ah, the 4 of Swords. My favorite one in this suit. Why not follow its tip and take a nap. I know that is what I am going to do!

So this really is the best time to grab Tarot Mood, at https://tarotmood.com! Grab it now! I backed this Kickstarter last fall and that was the best one I backed! Laughter is the best thing for the soul and the mind (sorry, that sounded a bit woo-woo’ish but it is true). Grab this deck!

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