Enneagram Consulting

Are you struggling to find out your Enneagram type and are you frustrated because those online tests are not giving you accurate results? They are computerized so they rarely do. This is why I can help. Upon ordering, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out and please send it back to me as soon as possible so I can start determining your type.

What you will receive is a personalized report written by me, as well as recommendations for you on anything that you are concerned about in your life. Your Enneagram type will explain to you why you are the way you are, and whenever people finally learn about their type, they learn so much about themselves. This opens up a doorway to healing and getting into the right type of careers, and allows them to make improvements in their lives that are the most fitting to them. I would be delighted to help you figure yourself out by determining what Enneagram type you are.

I am not yet certified but it is on the plan and I have received personal coaching by the Enneagram coach and teacher, Katherine Fauvre. When I do become certified it will be through Katherine Fauvre. Therefore my prices are very low and you will want to grab this now before I become certified.

My premium package includes an astrology natal chart reading as well which will give you more insight about yourself!

Basic Personalized Enneagram Report – $25

I will examine the answers that you give on the questionnaire and will use my intuition. I will then provide you with a personalized report that will contain my insight to help you become your true self.

Standard Personalized Enneagram Report – $50

I will find your 3 main Enneagram types and provide you with an insightful, intuitive, and personalized report so you can learn more about yourself.

Premium Personalized Enneagram Report $170

I will determine your main 3 Enneagram types in conjunction with a natal chart reading! This will provide you with a lot of insight about yourself so you can truly understand your motives, your gifts, your challenges, and what you are really meant to do!

If you want to have a consultation over Skype, it will be $70 per hour in addition to the report of your choice.