Tarot Services

My tarot readings are insightful, down to earth, accurate, and empathetic. Through the tarot, I can find the challenges you are facing and the solutions that you are encouraged to take in order to create the best outcome. Again, as it has been mentioned already. You have free will. Nothing is ever set in stone. However, what I can find is the likely outcome that is based on the path you are going. You can always change things ahead. I can do readings in regards to the following life concerns:

  • Relationships
  • Career or Business
  • Parenting or Family Concerns
  • Large Purchases such as a home or a car
  • Self-Growth
  • Any Major Decision (that does not involve health or pregnancy)
  • Have a peek at your past life and find out how it is affecting you today.

I will not read for anything that has to do with health and pregnancies for ethical reasons, sorry! But anything else, yes I can! Here is what I offer.

15 Minute Tarot Reading – $25

30 Minute Tarot Reading – $50

45 Minute Tarot Reading – $75

60 Minute Tarot Reading – $100

If you have any questions, please contact me at enneagramastrologytarot at g mail dot com.